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VTFileman originated at Virginia Tech but has received many contributions from people outside of our organization.


Many thanks go to Betsy Blythe, Jan Gibb, B. Collier Jones, Kaye Kriz, Susan Olivier, James Powell for their support and constructive feedback.

(If you have contributed to the project but don't find your name on this page please take our apologies and remind us so we can fix that quickly!)


Jochen Rode - jrode at users.sourceforge.net (developed core code around 2001)
Russel Fenn - rfenn at vt.edu (co-developer and new admin since 2005)
Daniel Fisher - daniel.fisher at vt.edu (LDAP support)
Anthony Atkins - anthony.atkins at vt.edu (several extensions)

Icons & Images

We (are starting to) make use of David Vignoni's excellent Nuvola icon theme but have also combined some of his work to produce custom icons.

Last modified: May 27, 2005

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